Right now, the gaming world is talking about the new Monster Hunter: World game. Since its release, the game has pretty much become an instant hit, reconnecting Monster Hunter to old players, as well as introducing more players to the franchise. One of its highlights include a good character editor, and twitter user, @otakapin_toybox, just poked fun at it.

While just 40 seconds long, the hilarious clip made a ton of people laugh out loud. In fact, people liked it so much that it received over 100,000 likes as of writing. People also viewed the video online over 2 million times already.

The game recently set the franchise record for most copies shipped, and that’s just for the console release. The game has also become a social media hit, as players posted videos of their cats reacting to the game’s Felynes. You can now play the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE. It will also get a PC release in autumn 2018.