Imperial Enterprise’s online store, PREMICO, has revealed that they are teaming up with Sailor Moon to celebrate its 25th anniversary. And they are celebrating it in a big way with limited edition gold and silver coins. These will be the first official memorial coins for the franchise, and they are also legally-tendered coins. This is because the British protectorate Cook Islands legally issued these coins as actual currency.

The gold coins will have a face value of 10 Cook Island dollars, while the silver coins have a face value of 2 Cook Island dollars. However, if one buys them, they will cost much more than that. They are only making 2,000 of the gold coins, and they will cost 39,800 yen. Meanwhile, the silver coins will cost 19,800 yen, and they’re only making about 5,000 of them.

But that’s not all, because the gold coin comes with a musical display box which plays “Moonlight Densetsu”. The silver coin will also come with its own display case as well.

The PREMICO online store will be releasing these coins in early June 2018.

Source: Press Release