In Japan, Kitkats come in a variety of unique flavours, from the popular matcha to sakura to even wasabi. Now, as the chocolate brand celebrates its 45th anniversary, Nestle Japan has launched a new campaign. This time, they’re doing a contest to find a new Kitkat flavour, and everyone around the world can join in. They also launched a new website for people to submit their flavour ideas in.

Submissions opened last 2nd April, and will close this Sunday, 8th April, Japan Standard Time. Here’s how Nestle described the contest:

A “Worldwide Election” campaign to call for new flavor ideas is underway!
If you have any ideas for flavors you think would be good or that you’d like to taste in a KITKAT, post them to the website!

Kitkat lovers can also get a certificate in being a Kitkat Master. However, they will be revealing more about that on 5th April.

So, what Kitkat flavour are you thinking about of doing?