In Japan, Kitkats come in a variety of unique flavours, from the popular matcha to sakura to even wasabi. Now, as the chocolate brand celebrates its 45th anniversary, Nestle Japan has launched a new campaign. This time, they’re doing a contest to find a new Kitkat flavour, and everyone around the world can join in. They also launched a new website for people to submit their flavour ideas in.

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Submissions opened last 2nd April, and will close this Sunday, 8th April, Japan Standard Time. Here’s how Nestle described the contest:

A “Worldwide Election” campaign to call for new flavor ideas is underway!
If you have any ideas for flavors you think would be good or that you’d like to taste in a KITKAT, post them to the website!

Kitkat lovers can also get a certificate in being a Kitkat Master. However, they will be revealing more about that on 5th April.

So, what Kitkat flavour are you thinking about of doing?

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