Everyone has an opinion on something, and that of course, includes anime. However, it seems that some people have gone too far into hating Love Live! Sunshine!! This comes to the point that some of them are even harassing its director, Kazuo Sakai. A few of them are even threatening his family. But it seems Sakai has had enough and have expressed his thoughts on twitter.

He said that he understands that it’s natural that he receives various opinions regarding him directing Love Live! Sunshine!! However, the recent “intolerable replies” that he’s been receiving have gone far enough as they’ve included comments regarding his family matters. He then said that he will be blocking these accounts, and also asked fans to please understand.

And in another tweet, he also said he’s considering legal action against them as well. He’s also considering legal action against impersonators who use his name in fake accounts. These fake accounts would usually feature prank-style behavior using the director’s name, or Love Live.

These accounts often use the “Sakai Kazuo Shineitai” hashtag to show their “support” for the director. However, many have pointed out that rather than “supporting” the director, these accounts are more of the harassing kind. They make fun of the Love Live franchise, as well as Sakai himself, even if they claim they’re fans.