Popular calligraphy manga, Barakamon, may be ending, but its popularity is still going strong. It’s so popular that the manga and anime series inspired a pop-up cafe in Ikebukuro called the Barakamon Cafe. And now, Handa-sensei himself, Daisuke Ono, visited the cafe, along with some of the anime’s cast and staff.

Suzuko Hara, Naru’s cute little child seiyuu, also went with Ono D., along with director Masaki Tachibana. Barakamon has featured actual children to voice some of the anime’s child characters. Aside from Suzuko Hara, these child seiyuu also include child actress Rina Endou and child actor Seiya Kimura. However, it seems that Suzuko Hara and the others grew up so quickly that a few fans commented that they now feel a bit old.

As for the Barakamon cafe itself, you can find it at the Ani PARA Cafe, which is at the 7th floor of the Tokyo Modern Group Building. It will serve Barakamon-inspired menu items, as well as sell exclusive merchandise. However, it will only be available for a limited time, from 6th June until 3rd July.

source: Barakamon official twitter page