Uniqlo’s UTme! Market service — which lets creators design their own tees to be printed in Uniqlo’s line of UT shirts, was recently put to very good use by creator “maskneco“. Check it out below!

© maskneco / © UNIQLO

The erstwhile masked cat created a line of shirts meant to be used as uniforms by participants at many of Japan’s infamous “usui hon” markets. The line includes a shirt for the author (“honnin”), the sales assistant (“uriko”), and even the decoy (“nisemono”).

If you’re keen on purchasing maskneco’s shirts from the UTme! site, there are instructions on how to do it via their Twitter account. Do be warned however that like most Japanese online stores, you need a Japanese address, a Japanese phone number, and a Japanese credit card to purchase the items.

Time to get ready for Comiket, I suppose!