It’s a big year for the classic romantic comedy manga, Urusei Yatsura. Not only did its mangaka, Rumiko Takahashi, receive the coveted Eisner Awards Hall of Fame, but it’s also celebrating its 40th Anniversary. One of the celebrations include a very special stamp set from Japan Post, and now, the manga is also getting a pop-up store!

The store will sell various exclusive merchandise, including clear files, postcards, accessories, and more. It will also feature various artworks featuring the legendary mangaka’s signature artwork us well. But perhaps the most anticipated product that the pop-up store will be selling is a pin set. But what makes the set so special? Well, it features 34 pins which feature every single cover from the classic manga.

The official Urusei Yatsura pop-up store will first launch in Osaka from 20th September until 1st October. It will then open more locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Sendai within the near future.

source: Anime! Anime!