Rei Hiroe, who pens the South East Asia caper “Black Lagoon”, has announced the start of a new manga series in 2019. Tentatively titled “341st Battle Corps”, the story centres around a group of youngsters forced into battle in a World War-like scenario. The title will be serialized in Shogakukan’s Monthly Shounen Sunday.

© Rei Hiroe / Shogakukan Inc.

Meanwhile Hiroe’s other famous work “BLACK LAGOON” just released their first new volume in over four years! “BLACK LAGOON” tells the story of a team of smugglers known as the Lagoon Company, who operate in the seas of Southeast Asia in the 1990s.

Composed of a black former US Navy officer, a Chinese-American petty thief and gun-for-hire, a white university drop-out mechanical genius, and their Japanese former-kidnap-victim-turned-associate, the team has made a name for itself in the criminal underworld.