Marriage consultation and matchmaking service, Partner Agency, previously teamed up with Tezuka Productions and Tatsunoko Pro. Together, they matched up Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack with Yatterman villain, Doronjo in a series of ads. And it looks like their match worked, as almost a year later, they’re still dating! In fact, the two are going on boat dates, as seen in the latest ad:

The boat date is their first outdoors date, and they then followed it up with another one. This time, they’re dating under some snowy weather:

Doronjo is known as one of Japanese animation’s earliest fanservice characters. Of course, this is mainly because of her usually-skimpy clothes, and this draws some concern from Black Jack. This is may be because they’re dating under the snow, and it’s cold. However, he wasn’t able to bring up the issue mainly because of his indecisiveness. Ahhh dating…

source: Comic Natalie