Legendary anime director, Yoshiyuki “Kill’em All” Tomino isn’t just an anime director, but a mangaka and a novelist. Now, his Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash novels is getting an anime film trilogy.

And because of this, Tomino released a statement regarding the anime adaptation. There, he said that 30 years after writing them, he’s happy that they’re finally getting an anime. He then added that after the announcement, he read his work again. The infamous director admitted that it surprised him and made a few comments you’d expect from the firebrand director. He said that the real world hasn’t progressed. In fact, it has regressed, and says that the novel getting an adaptation can “pierce through society today”. He also expressed his wish that the series’ hopeful message can pass onto the next generation. Tomino mused that Gundam fans who grew up with the series are aware that they’re unable to breakthrough the regression and hopelessness, and are therefore passing the baton. He then thanked them for making the story reemerge.

As for the production, he stated that the staff are getting younger and younger, as are the viewers. Tomino says that he believes that they will one day pave the reformation of humanity… into Newtypes. Well, that’s Tomino for you!

The novel series deals with the aftermath of Char’s counterattack, and happens in the events between the film and the Gundam UC anime. It follows Hathaway Noa, Bright Noa and Mirei’s son. As for Tomino’s other work, we can only hope that his Gundam Crossbone manga will get an adaptation as well.

source: Comic Natalie