The official page to celebrate 10 years of the hit light novel series, Sword Art Online, has opened! But first of all, check out this really awesome art made for the anniversary:

Inside this page, you can check out the history of SAO, what exactly SAO is all about the books spanning the entire SAO franchise. You can even check out exclusive new stories that will appear only on this site but that will only be accessible on a later date.

In the meantime however, the author of SAO, Reki Kawahara even wrote his comments to celebrate:

I’ve always said “My aim is to survive 10 years!” over and over again, to see that we’ve finally made, I can remember all the huge successes and the few losses we had.

Looking back at the time when I uploaded the very first version of “Sword Art Online” on my webpage, the journey here definitely wasn’t flat. I remember all the times when I thought to myself “I can’t write anymore” while enduring all the impatience and pressure. But somehow I made it to 10 years, and to reach this point in my authoring career, I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and every reader, watcher or player who has cheered on this product.

I haven’t found my next objective but I’ll continue writing for the next 15, 20 years. Please continue to support SAO and myself.

Check the website again for more upcoming contents. For a 10th anniversary, you could even expect something new perhaps? Only time will tell.

Source: SAO 10th