Rebron, Tsunayoshi, and the Vongola are back for a new run of the Reborn stage play. This time, it will be tackling the Varia arc, and the staff even revealed a new key visual.

Neeko, Reborn’s seiyuu from the TV anime, will also be returning to reprise her most iconic role as the legendary mafioso. Also returning is Ryouhei Takenaka who is once again playing Tsunayoshi Sawada from the first stage adaptation.

The staff also revealed other cast members, and they include Motohisa Harashima as Hayato Gokudera, Ryousuke Yamamoto as Takeshi Yamamoto, Teru Uesugi as Ryouhei Sasagawa, KIMERU as Lambo, and Yuuta Kishimoto as Kyouya Hibari. Every except for Motohisa Harashima are reprising their roles from the previous play. Harashima replaced Kousuke Kuwano for the role of Hayato Gokudera.

This new play will first kick off in Tokyo’s Theater 1010 from 14-23 June. It will then head to Osaka’s Kashiwara City Cultural-Riviere Hall from 27th-30th June. The previous play’s director, Maruichirou Maruo, will be returning not only to direct the play, but also pen its script.

source: Comic Natalie