One of the goals of Zombie Land Saga has always been to “Save Saga Prefecture”. And they did exactly that, as the anime generated even more anime pilgrimage sites around Saga, generating more income for the prefecture through tourism. Now, they’re teaming up with the city of Karatsu, also in Saga, for a very special collaboration.

Aside from the collaboration artwork above, the city’s Japan Railways Karatsu line will feature a special Zombie Land Saga train. It will feature all members of Franchouchou, and will run between late July to late October 2019. The city will also recognise and promote several places in Karatsu that were featured in the anime.

This won’t be the first time Karatsu City has teamed up with an anime series though. Last time, it was with Yuri on Ice!!. The collab also promoted several sites featured in the anime, as well as some of Saga’s most popular industries.

source: Ota-Suke