25 years ago, Yasuhiro Nightow released a new manga which became a classic. It’s title is Trigun, and it launched the career of a mangaka that would be loved the world over. And in celebration of his 25th anniversary, Nightow-sensei is gonna be getting his own exhibition, and it will feature both Trigun and Blood Blockade Battlefront. It will also include his works as character designer for the video game, Gungrave.

The Yasuhuro Nightow Exhibition Trigun&B3 will first launch on 12th June at the Seibu Ikebukuro department store 2nd floor gallery space. It will be there until 19th September, and will feature illustrations, exclusive artwork, and of course, merchandise.

The exhibition will boast over 200 exhibits for fans of Nightow’s works. Tickets to get inside the event cost 1,300 yen.

source: Animage Plus