Eva fans, rejoice, because Neon Genesis Evangelion is getting its own smartphone game! Japanese mobile game company, Mbcast, announced that they are developing a game for the franchise, and they’re releasing it for mobile devices in 2020.

The new game doesn’t just include content, though, as it will also include material from the Rebuild of Evangelion films. It will even include some content for the upcoming Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 film that’s also coming in 2020. Mobcast also announced that they will reveal more details soon.

Mobcast has localised games in English before, so it is also possible that they will be releasing this new Eva game internationally as well. Their games include a UEFA football game called Mobasaka Champions Manager, as well as another anime franchise game in Madoka Magica. Their other games include LUMINES Puzzle & Music, Kingdom RAN, 18, and the J-League Baseball game, MobaPro 2 Legend.

source: Anime! Anime!