Mangakas who highly respect Osamu Tezuka worked together on a tribute book based on his many hit manga series titled Tezucomi. This magazine was released on 15th May 2019. Akihisa Tokimaru began a new serialisation titled Isekai Black Jack. Just like the name, it’s an Isekai series with Black Jack as the protagonist.

Examples of popular manga collaborations are “Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha”, “From now on, City Hunter” and “The head Knight: Shima Kosaku” which have gained popularity in recent times. You might think; how would Isekai Black Jack play out?

In this interview translation from Natalie, they interviewed the voice actress of Re:Zero Starting Live from Another World’s Emilia and KonoSuba’s Megumi, who has worked on many Isekai anime, Rie Takahashi. They’ve asked her to read the first issue of Isekai Black Jack and wrote down her opinions in this interview. They’ve asked her to tell us the appeal of Tezucomi from the standpoint of someone who hasn’t read that many Tezuka manga.

This is part 4 of 4 in this series of interviews translated from Natalie.

I want to dissect Subaru’s heart and do research

As a seiyuu, you are able to relive all sorts of lives of various Isekai characters but, if you were to actually go to an Isekai, which one would you choose?

The easiest to go to is probably Konosuba. Somewhere with a guild would be great. To be able to feel safe in a town even if a monster appears is ideal. I don’t really need special powers, I’d rather just be able to live my life there. As for adventure…I don’t really want to. (laughs)

On the other hand, if Black Jack were to appear in one, which would be the most interesting?

Eh? Where would be great? It’ll be a fantastic collaboration! (laughs) If it’s an anime I worked on… Re:Zero. I’d love him to appear at the part where Subaru dies. And then he could understand why he died, ideally, dissect his heart and see what happened to his heart.

Dissect. (laughs) But you’d want to see correct? You’d rarely see this kind of doctors in Isekai anime.

That’s true. If you’re hurt, magic heals you. Using the flow of mana in the body. If I had to say, instead of sickness, curses would be the problem in these worlds. I think it’ll be interesting if someone like Black Jack who could heal anyone had to come across a challenge like curing a curse.

Even in the original, while he can cure a dog or an orca, he would even be able to heal an alien or even a computer! (laughs) I am glad even someone such as you is able to pick up interest in Black Jack through reading Isekai Black Jack.

This time I’d like to read it properly! There’s a variety of genres and art in Tezucomi, regardless of age. If it was placed at a reading corner at the dentist, it’ll be perfect. Even kids who don’t read the original can read it, and those who read the original could appreciate it as well. Also, for those of us in the Otaku age can enjoy it too. Surely there’ll be something inside for us to enjoy. Especially so if you read Tezucomi, find something you like and then read the original, the enjoyment is doubled. I’d love to start reading from Princess Knight through this experience.

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Source: Natalie