In a press release, Netflix announced that they are producing a live-action series based on Haro Aso’s Alice in Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice) manga. It will be coming sometime in 2020, with live-action BLEACH and Kingdom’s Shinsuke Satou directing it.

The manga received a 3-episode OVA which ran from October 2014-February 2015. Here’s the anime’s synopsis:

Ryouhei Arisu (AKA Alice) is a high school student with no ambitions and just wants to escape from what he feels is a meaningless reality. One night when he is with his two friends Daikichi Karube and Chouta Segawa, they see an abnormally large firework shoot into the sky, an event which signals a permanent change in their lives.

Blinded by the incredibly bright explosion, the three find themselves transported to what is known as the Borderland. The only inhabitants of this world are participants of a deadly game where specific tasks must be accomplished if they wish to survive. As the three begin playing to determine how they can get back home, Ryouhei finds himself feeling alive for the very first time in his life.

Yeah, it’s pretty much a live-action Isekai. The manga ran in Shonen Sunday S from 2010, before transferring to the main Shonen Sunday magazine in 2015 to complete its final arc. The manga also ended in March 2016 and had 18 volumes in total. It’s still unknown if this new live-action Netflix series will be adapting the entire manga.