Saga Prefecture has been getting more and more anime tourists lately. This is mainly thanks to two anime, and they are Yuri!! on Ice and Zombie Land Saga. The two anime are actually set in the prefecture, and many of its notable sites were featured in those anime. However, their latest collaboration was a bit weird because it’s with Vinland Saga!

Vinland Saga is set in Viking Age Europe, mainly centering on the Norse conquests of Britannia. So what does the anime have in common with Saga prefecture you ask? Well… they have Saga in their title.

The new collaboration is called the “Vinland in Saga! The Mysterious Nautical Voyage Stamp Rally“, and it will feature events regarding the anime, as well as some new merchandise. It kicks off in Akihabara from 3-18 October 2019 with a special pop-up Vinland Saga store. There, they will release merchandise from the anime, and it will feature the characters showing off some of the prefecture’s most popular products. These include meat, seafood, and sake of course!

The collaboration also released a special video narrated by Thors (CV: Kenichiro Matsuda), and it talks about Saga itself:

Now that’s a great way to invite people to visit, huh? The collaboration is just the latest in the prefectures ongoing Sagaprise campaign, which teams up with various anime, manga, and video games.

source: Comic Natalie