Toho has announced that they are releasing a brand new original story anime movie titled Kimi Wa Kanata. They revealed that Honoka Matsumoto will star in the film as Mio, with Kamen Rider Ex Aid’s Toshiki Seto voicing Shin. They even revealed a brand new key visual for this upcoming new anime as well:

Described as an “adolescent fantasy,” the film will follow childgood friends Shin and Mio, Now, Mio has feelings for Shin, but can never get around to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, following an argument, Mio gets into a traffic accident and wakes up in an unfamiliar world different from the one she lives in.

Yoshinobu Sena will be directing the film, as well as writing the script and its original concept. This will also serve as the new director’s directorial debut as well. Digital Network Animation is producing the animation, and it will also get an original novelisation from Kadokawa. They will release the film sometime in autumn 2020.

source: Comic Natalie