A high-concept art project featuring a total of 200 artists from all over the world has landed in Yokohama! Based on the hit manga “ONE PIECE” — which has been inspiring artists and creatives for over twenty years, “BUSTER CALL = ONE PIECE Exhibition” will be held at Yokohama Asobuilding from 20th November to 27th December 2020!

A travelling exhibition that originated in Los Angeles “Complexcon” with a stop at Shanghai’s “INNERSECT” event, the show features works by Kosuke Kawamura, COOKIE, PERIMETRON, Aoi Blue, Mikuru Asakura, Schema Architectural Planning, SUSHIBOYS, Plexus, and more!

The exhibition will cover various art mediums including paintings, video, sculptures, and apparel. Special collaboration items will also be made available for sale, so make sure you book your free admission ticket via Rakuten Ticket.

Due to concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, attendees will be restricted based on the date and time of their ticket allocation. Attendees must practice social distancing and strict hygiene measures for the safety of all.