Previously, we revealed that Jun Fukuyama will be starring in a series of KFC commercials. Now, KFC finally revealed the first one, which features the Code Geass seiyuu as a dance instructor. And apparently, for this “What If?” commercial, Jun Fukuyama really enjoys that new KFC Chizza.

For those who don’t know what a Chizza is, it’s KFC’s version of a pizza, except instead of a crust, it has fried chicken. It’s actually quite good, and the Japanese version costs 980 yen.

After his stint as a ballroom dance instructor, he will then go on to become a “Guy Who Focuses on the Bright Side”, and then a “Wrapping-Up Boyfriend”. He will also become a really feminine Cram School teacher, as well as a really salty boss… yikes. Finally, they will feature Fukuyama in a “Special Edition” episode.

Much like Yui Ogura’s commercials, Fukuyama will also be interacting with the audience as he plays those roles. And yes, also expect to see a KFC Fried Chicken somewhere along those commercials. They’ll also include a few keywords on those commercials for a special prize campaign on LINE. People can use those keywords to get some special KFC prizes, including a signed photo of Jun Fukuyama himself! KFC will release one episode per week.