After Yuki Kujiura left her previous agency, Space Craft Produce, speculations and rumors that Kalafina is breaking up arose. However, after the agency clarified those rumours, one thing remained true, and that is Keiko Kubota leaving the group.

In a statement for Kalafina’s LINE Blog, Keiko revealed that she has left the group since 1st April. She then noted that her contract with SpaceCraft Produce also ended without much trouble as well. The former Kalafina member then thanked the fans for all the memories, as well as their support. She said that the past 10 years have allowed her to do what she loves, and that is to perform music. She also said that she has now fulfilled her dream of performing at the Nippon Budokan thanks to everyone around her, and also her fans as well. Finally, she says that she is moving forward with everybody in her mind.

As for the other two members, Wakana Ootaki and Hikaru Masai will be continuing on with the group. However, many fans still expressed sadness that such an important member has now left.

Yuki Kujiura’s departure to go independent may be a huge blow to the group, as she helped found it herself.  However, she noted that their status will be changing, so she said that it won’t be “the same as before”.